One look at the machines we make available to our locations, and you will quickly see why the machines offered by TRIO and HUMAN are very different from other traditional vending machines!

How so? Let us count the ways.....

1 - NEW MACHINES...NEW TECHNOLOGY: Unlike traditional "plop-and-drop" vending operators whose primary goal is to purge their warehouse of existing inventory by placing, old, worn-out machines at your location, TRIO will install new machines, with the latest technology. You are a first-class location! You deserve first-class vending machines!

2 - ATTRACTIVE GRAPHICS: When you have a vending machine installed at your school, gym or business, that machine becomes a big part of the aesthetics of your operation. Our machines feature attractive graphics that become an asset to your location, and quite honestly are kinda' fun!

3 - LCD SCREEN FOR EDUCATION & INFORMATION: Atop our most popular machine, The Media Mogul, you will see 24" LCD screen. That display is used to present fun facts on the products contained in the machine. This information will help educate customers of the machine, thus helping to improve the effectiveness of your healthy vending program. In addition, the information displayed is customizable! It can be used as a "digital wipeboard" that we can program to display messages pertinent to your facility. We work with you to help customize the content. Additionally, if you have vendors of your own who may want to market their services on the screen, our unique Advend-tising program can generate additional profits for you!

4 - TECHNOLOGY TO PREVENT MIS-VENDS: We all have seen those old-school coil machines with a bag of chips hung up in the coil. It's annoying to your customers, as well as the location who then needs to come up with some kind of system to keep track of money lost, so the frustrated people who lost their money can be paid back. The product delivery mechanism of our machines is belt-driven, thus driving our rate of mis-vends to around 1 in 5,000. On the rare occasion that there is an issue, the infra-red detection system in the product delivery tray will detect if product has been vended. If for some reason it hasn't, your customer won't be charged!

5 - MULTIPLE PAYMENT OPTIONS: Our vending machines accept multiple forms of payment, including bills, coins AND credit cards!

6 - REMOTE MONITORING: Our machines are remoted monitored! All activity and to YOU as well! There are a couple key benefits to this:

  • We will know when a specific product is sold out. We know how annoying it can be for your customers to go to a vending machine to buy their favorite product, only to find that it's sold out! By monitoring the activity of our machines, we know when an item is sold out of getting close to being sold out. If that happens, we'll be out quickly to replenish the supply.
  • Remote monitoring offers full transparency to the activity of the machines at your location. You will know how well your program is doing, because you will be able to directly view how well it is doing. We want our locations to honestly share in the success of their healthy vending program!

7 - ENERGY EFFICIENT: Our h.u.m.a.n vending machines use as much as 50% less energy than traditional vending machines. Also, due to their modular design, we can customize the product delivery trays to exactly what products are being offered, thus allowing us to offer up to 50% more product in one HUMAN machine than can be offered in a traditional vending machine....even a mix of standard and cold products/drinks. Where you used to have two machines to service your needs, you will now be able to be serviced by only one! Your TRIO representative will go through this with you to insure your needs are met as efficiently as possible.