The team at TRIO Healthy Vending is committed to insuring the success of your vending program!

We will work closely with you in developing the best healthy vending program for your location, and then will continue to work with you after the program has begun and throughout the time when you have one of our machines at your location, to insure that your needs, and the needs of the people who use our machines, are continually met. Many of the locations we have met with, rarely see their vending representative. Not at TRIO! Our goal is to become a true partner with you and thus we maintain contact to insure your program is as effective as it can be.

Traditional vending companies will tell you their schedule and you will see them once a week, or sometimes less. Our service schedule is customized to meet your needs! Through the use of our remote monitoring system, even a regular schedule can be augmented to meet the demands of your location. Maybe we need to be there one time a week....maybe we need to be there twice a week....heck, maybe we need to be there daily because of how popular our healthy products have become at your location! Whatever is needed to insure that you and your location delighted with our service, is what you will receive!